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Effects Of Social Media

Social media is the cumulative online communication platforms. These platforms promote the creation and dissemination of information, enhance interactions and collaborations through virtual mediums and networks. Some of the social media platforms include; Google plus, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube , Instagram, WhatsUp and many others.

Social media has become an essential part of society. The online communication platforms have been integrated as a day to day tool in various sectors of life. The acceptance of social media as an essential segment of the society has resulted in both positive and negative impacts. These are some of the positive and negative effects of social media;

Positive Impacts
 Enhancement of learning and development of new skills from online courses and tutorials.
 Social media has been used to advocate and voice out issues affecting the society at large.
 Social media tool has been used to cultivate and enhance creativity and innovations.
 Social media has enhanced the important life skills.
 Through social media confidence and self-esteem has been instilled via motivation and mentor-ship
 Social media has promoted socialization within the communities.
 Social media has become an effective tool that promotes the creation and dissemination of information with ease.
 Social media has become a great tool for creating and building more networks within all communities.
 Social media has enhanced the culture of reading through ease access to online resources.
 Social media tool has enabled the society to always keep abreast with the current trends

Negative Impacts
 Constant and uncontrollable use of social media platforms has led to unnecessary time wastage.
 The excessive use of social media has scaled down the actual human being's interactions.
 Social media has led to addiction and much dependence on technology.
 Due to the unlimited access to social media platforms and information disseminated, there have been cases of cyber-bullying.
 Increase in cases of scams and fraud, which has led to loss of peoples’ resources.
 Social media can be associated with a drastic change in behaviors within the society.
 Uncontrolled access to information shared has led to the decay of societal morals through negative influence and disruptive programs.

In conclusion social media has proved to be an essential part of our society and inevitably both the positive and negative impacts cannot be ignored. There is need to embrace the positive effectiveness of these platforms as well as have counter measures to curb the negative impacts. The embrace of social media has accelerated progress in the society at large.