A Letter from Me In 2030

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I stepped into 2030 with jubilation and high wrought expectations. I was on the edge of anxiety and my eager self was punishing me every second the clock was nearing the hour of revelation. My inside was about to explode when she raised her arm to break the time glass. Whilst it was being broken, a feeling of serenity crept in and my heart started beating steadily, I was lost in the beauty of a new decade!
Dear young soul, the beauty is breathtaking, the gaze of contentment and admiration is what I have been employing. It is worth the will to live and the struggle to attain your long-cherished wishes. I can see the architecture that my house has been constructed in and without discontentment, my heart has completely fallen for the design. As funny as it may seem, I was among the many who were diametrically opposed to constantly changing their fashion sense but took a different path in 2030. Chelsea, Bill, and Cate are now all grown; Cate tends to be a bit nervous in new environments but has paced up in terms of mental agility, Bill is the young bachelor in town who is admired by all and sundry but is full of himself and callous while Chelsea is still the poised, down to earth and an emotionally intelligent soul. I must say it feels good to behold and feel the atmosphere of the new decade.
What about nature? What about the visions that outspoken leaders ingrained in us? What about peace and serenity that we all long for? Things have unraveled differently. My frail hands are shaky and covered with sweat, I am struggling to jot down a letter because of fright. Should I say nature betrayed us when it was to care for us or we were so egotistical and settled on short term goals for such a calamity to subdue us? It is hard to find an answer. The new decade vision that was engraved in the most respected pieces of writings globally is half fulfilled. Corruption took its toll and the bulging stomachs of a few worshipped individuals are what our population sees. A complete violation of human rights has taken place, many nations have manufactured weapons that could potentially destroy humanity. The sad reality has finally been realized.
Many sustainable development goals are being worked towards by private and public sectors, because of how beneficial they are. The world population is alert and ready to achieve these goals, the pain of global warming, the rising number of military coups, insurgents and interstate wars has been instrumental in the expansion of the Geneva Conventions. I particularly like the charism that young poets have been able to showcase in motivating the society on sustainable development, goals particularly my son Bill. It's utterly amazing how our laws have put together policies to ensure every company works towards three or four of these goals.
I snuggle oftenly every time I hope to fall into a slumber, I mumble words unknowingly during the day. Many of my workmates whisper insanity every time I pass by and this scares me a lot. I am suffering from depression that could lead to my mental breakdown. Holding the candle while having the hope that the wind will not be strong enough to blow away the light of the candle is my drug. The swirl of emotions that could drown me into desperation is calmed by this unswerving faith.
My young soul, that is the picture of the new decade, but there are important lessons that I have learned with regards to living. I have come to know and understand that the truth lies in the middle, rationality is important for survival and sanity. My young soul in every ideology that you choose to subscribe to, always remember where the truth lies. Learn to forgive and let go, embrace the fact that knowledge is endless and there will reach no point when you will attain full understanding of everything. Never let go of humanity, morality, and independence in your thinking. Keep in mind that the new decade is a treasure wrapped neatly and the recipient will determine it's final look!