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6 Tips on How to Lose 5 Kilograms in 10 Days

The decrease in body weight is the most annoying issue to most overweight people.  There are four forms of weight loss exercises which are cardio, resistance, flexibility, and balance exercises. Cardio workouts are low to high-intensity physical activities that depend on the energy generation process. They are the most efficient and ultimate calories-burner. According to Dr. Laura Miranda, the most metabolical tissue in the body is the muscle. Therefore people with more muscles tend to burn more calories.

Cardio exercises that help in burning calories are cycling. Cycling on average burns 568-841 calories per hour. Riding at high rate increases the rate of oxygen consumption and energy production eventually resulting in greater post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). Another exercise is rope jumping. Rope jumping is a great fat burner, its rate of calories consumption per hour is 667-990 if you are jumping at a rate of 120 skips per minute. Running and jogging in a place is also a useful exercise. Running consumes an average of 566- 839 calories per hour. After jogging in a fixed position or running at a steady pace, one continues to burn calories throughout the day. Running up a hill or staircases as well consumes a large number of calories in the range of 639-946.

Other forms or exercises that are good to try includes power yoga (226-335 calories/hour), battle ropes (285-421 calories/hour), pushups, kickboxing and punches (582-864 calories/hour), squat jumps, duckwalking among others.

Apart from exercises, some other general tips on weight loss include:

1.      Cut down on sugars and starches. This lowers your hunger levels, and you end up eating less.

2.      Lift weights in the gym 3-4 times a week. Weight lifting has a prolonged calories-burn effect because the higher the intensity, the more oxygen the body needs post-workout.

3.      Drink coffee and tea more often as caffeine helps in boosting body metabolism by 3%-11%. It also helps in burning fats.

4.      Eat a variety of plant foods, especially plenty of vegetables and fruits. in each meal, cover one-half (or more) of your plate with vegetables, cover one-quarter with grains and cover one-quarter with protein.

5.      Sleep adequately. Studies show that lack of enough sleep leads to obesity

6.      Eat fruits, vegetables and drink water frequently. It’s often claimed that drinking water helps with weight loss

7.      Take probiotic supplements.

In conclusion, Safe weight loss takes time and effort, however, by incorporating proper nutrition, physical activity, and following these tips, weight loss should come naturally, and you could lose five kilograms in ten days.

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