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Is Capital Punishment a Justifiable Action?

Capital punishment can be considered as a state-sanctioned action of executing someone for committing a specific crime as punishment, Norms, and values of any society define that one be accountable of their action, whether good or bad. However, more often than not, people commit unforgivable sin and its only appropriate to instill and inflict penalties upon them as retribution against their offenses. Perpetrators should be punished proportionally to their crimes. The infliction of the death penalty by any state is a too harsh punishment that arises debate as to whether the punishment is justifiable or not. Many international conventions are against the death sentence. More so it’s no man’s power to determine whether one should live or not. The only one that gives life should take it away from you.

Capital punishment is imposed on people who have committed serious crimes such as capital murder, rape, and treason. The death penalty may be carried out through several ways which include hanging, shooting, lethal injection, electrocution, beheading, and gas inhalation. Nevertheless, death punishment is a blemish and a degrading thing to any society. It’s also an insult to religion especially Christianity and the same nation that gives the right to life. In addition, capital punishment is considered as payback rather than punishment which is a morally a doubtful action to do.

Capital punishment is meant to scare and prevent people from committing such abominable crimes. In modern society, they are administered privately hence their influence are less effective and the action does not serve its intended purpose. As much as guilty people deserve punishment, executing does not give the person a chance to reform or redeem themselves.

Giving a death penalty to a perpetrator who committed a crime in an emotional state without thinking of possible consequences is a too harsh punishment. In such a case scenario, the humane thing is to impose a life sentence rather than capital punishment. Besides, no one can guarantee that death punishment is a more severe punishment than a life sentence. Additionally, capital punishment affects both families of accused and the murder families. It has negative implications on both families. Also, it leads to an increase in the number of co-victims.In cases where perpetrators have imposed a life sentence rather than the death sentence, there have been improved physiological and physical health. Therefore, death punishment should be highly condemned since it affects everyone who cares for, knows and works with the death row inmate.

All things considered, capital punishment is not a justifiable action. Everyone has an inherent right to dignity and protection against inhuman treatment. More so, capital punishment does not reform a criminal which is the primary justification of any law but rather eliminates possible future criminals.

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