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ProBlogger is a blog site that helps writers to add income streams to their writing business. This site is dedicated to help other bloggers and online writers in general learn blogging skills, share their own experiences and promote the blogging medium. It was started on September 2004 by Darren Rowse, a full time blogger making a living from latest array of  dynamic blogging platforms like digital Photography School. He is also an author as well as speaker.

To join the ProBlogger community which have over 300,000+ Bloggers, all you need to do is visit their website and subscribe using your name and Email address and get started. 

Tips and tricks to get job at ProBlogger
1.    Create a Customized, PDF Resume.
As a freelance writer, there’s a good chance you’re going to be applying for lots of these positions. As such, for successful applications, you should take steps towards investing in this process and that means creating an amazing, aesthetically pleasing resume.  You should also show an immaculate standard for quality and great presentation.
2.    Be Creative with the Cover Letter.
Let everything you write on cover letter show you are more interested and creative to what you are addressing. For instance if you know the company, find some interesting detail about it and open with it. If you’re lucky enough to know the name of the person you’re applying to, you can go even further to pique their interest. Not only will you likely stroke the ego, you’ll also show you possess the creativity and wherewithal to create quality content.
3.    Have content specific to the application.
This is straightforward, but the more focused the content is on what the job description asks for, the more likely you are to be seriously considered. The better this content is, the more likely you are to get picked up.
4.    Tagging your application e-mail as “High Importance”.
This is a minor detail but many find themselves opening these e-mails first, and any time they get seen first in a batch of 200 e-mails, that’s a good thing. This function doesn’t work in Gmail, but there’s a good chance you’re sending your application to a business address so there’s a high probability they’re using Outlook.
5.    Be a great writer everywhere.
Every piece of text in a content writer’s application is important, so make sure every bit of it is a direct reflection of your ability to create great content. You’re a great writer.
Now that you know how to get hired, get to the job board, check out those job descriptions and start applying


Here are some of reviews about ProBlogger.

1.    ProBlogger have all the connections to world experts in the field of blogging, SEO and all that good stuff so these webinars will be very informative.
2.    ProBlogger is run by one of the most successful bloggers in the world and that is Darren Rowse. A master blogger that has basically set the blueprint for all bloggers to succeed.
3.    Webinars are a great way to learn and by spending some time watching these episodes, I’m sure you can walk away with some new tips.I look forward to seeing more episodes in the near future.

Click here to get started on problogger


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