Employees Reward and Recognition

Employees Motivation

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Employees Reward and Recognition

Every employee possesses a major compelling motive to work. Be it the desire to succeed, the need to be liked or accepted or the desire to have an impact and become influential. Either way, it is the type of reward and price that drives people to work a little harder. Its, therefore, the duty of the management in any organization to put in place an employees reward and recognition system to ensure employees feel motivated and have job satisfaction. That’s creating the “ you can do this and get that” attitude. Here are some rewards and recognition programs an organization may put in place.

Job Re-design

This one of the smart strategies to reward employees in an organization. Job redesigning includes job rotation, job enlargement as well as job enrichment all of which involves making the workplace more exciting and incorporating growth opportunities. It motivates employees and reduces job monotony.

Money reward

Money is a powerful motivator. Employees receiving higher salary can lead a luxurious life and command respect from society. Its believed that society status, position, power, prestige, and recognition are all associated with money. Some of the monetary incentives to reward employees  include bonuses, variable pay packages, profit sharing plans, gain sharing schemes and flexible benefits

Performance Appraisal

This is a technique of assessing the employee`s performance at a regular and continuous interval to appraise their abilities. It helps in evaluating the merits and deficiencies of employees performance, and suggestive feedback is given. Usually, they are thanked in person and provided with gifts for a job well done.

Involvement of Employees

Employees participation in planning and decision making is a highly motivating factor. By expressing their views, employees develop a feeling that their suggestions are accepted. It also helps in creating greater communication between the superiors and the subordinates. Some of the participation schemes are allowing representatives participation, quality circles, and employee ownership plans (EOSP). In so doing, employees feel motivated and recognized.

Additionally, some of the recognizing schemes that may be incorporated include printing of certificates, calling an employee to your office and thank them in person, throwing them banquets, featuring in annual reports, verbal praise, naming them an employee of the month as well as using brag boards.

To summarize, employee reward and recognition schemes are meant to inspire people to work individually or in groups in the ways such as to produce the best results. There are plenty of ways an organization may use to show employees the recognition they deserve.


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