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Aerial Photography



GEOMAPS owns and operates three aircrafts out of which:

1. 2 Fixed Wing Aircrafts are used for aerial photography

2. 1 helicopter is used for site visits

The fixed wing aircraft airframes are modified to accommodate the optical requirements of the Aerial Camera (UltraCam Falcon ) and LiDAR Scanner (Riegl - LMS Q780). The aircraft Standard installed equipment includes a GPS which is capable of resolving highly accurate positioning signals for use in the acquisition of real-time satellite signals.

Additionally, the aircraft is equipped with a flight management system, which provides precision navigation guidance to flight crews during data collection, as well as functionality for project management and data logging. The aircraft meets the requisite statutory obligations of the aviation authorities and the fittings and modifications done are within the safety standards required by the law.

Geomaps has for several years been involved in aerial mapping as our main source of geospatial information. We have been utilizing these aerial photos in several projects and the data has been useful in creating base maps for various projects, monitoring environmental changes, providing damage assessment in response to manmade or natural disasters e.g. flooding among others.

The primary aerial photographic products are of high quality and resolution. The aerial photography resolution from UtraCam ranges between 5 to 30 cm Ground Sample Distance (GSD) while the 3D point Clouds resulting from LiDAR point scanning has density which varies between 3 to 4 points per meter squired. Both aerial photography and LiDAR points are used for all types of projects depending on the customers

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