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How to Get Your First 100 Customers

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How to Reach 100 Customers for your startup

The willingness to venture into a viable business opportunity and take calculated risks is the ambition to shift odds of success and constantly make money. However, even though the product may be the best, it cannot magically sell itself and will require a strategic approach to reach out to the customers. Here are some of the tips as to how you can easily reach out to your first 100 customers.

1.     Giving Free Products and Offering After Sale Service

Product promotion as an effective way to attract potential customers. Some product promotion techniques include offering free stuff such as free trials, bonuses,
beta-testers. Beta-testers and free trials enable people to evaluate your product and rate it compared to the existing products in the markets. It also gives room for product improvement.
After sale services like free delivery, free installation, warrants coverage, and free maintenance always give a competitive edge advantage as well as attracting potential customers.

2.    Use of Existing Network

Existing network includes family members, friends and friends, people you know and their friends as well as your business financiers. It’s advisable to ask their opinions on your product and request them to spread the word about your product. Your business financiers, investors, and other business owners are also part your network and usually has great networks, and you may see as the to spread the word on your product.

3.    Blogging Away

Blogging, though not always instantly successful is the best way to tell on your product. Blogs tend to create necessity in readers mind which eventually creates demand. By creating your business’s product blog and running paid adverts, it will attract potential customer. In most instances, you may land a long-term customer.

4.   Joining Online Communities

Online communities related to your product are most likely where your customers are. It’s important to look for these communities where people are either looking for your product or asking questions about it. Internet links, sites, and pages on facebook, tweeter, LinkedIn, and Quora are some of the most active areas where you can get these communities and become part of their tribe.

5.     Hiring Big Companies to Use Your Logo

Hiring a large company to use your logo is expensive and, in most cases, unaffordable especially for upcoming businesses. However, landing some big-name logo and making it recognizable can get the customers flowing into your business,

In conclusion, attaining first 100 customers takes time and effort, and there is a whole wide variety of different ways to acquire the first 100 customers out there. 


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