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Word of Advice - What you need to know

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Word of Advice and what you need to know .

How to get started and stay afloat in online writing business.

1. If you dont own a computer read below.

During the course, if you don`t have a pc you can use your mobile phone as long as it can access internet. I have designed the entire site to be access via any device from a pc, to tablet and mobile phone. If your phone can access internet you are good to go and start learning. If you don`t want to be connected online for the entire course you can download each lesson in PDF or animated video version and read it offline.

After you finish the course, you can find a cheap cyber cafe and start working and in two or three month`s time, you will be able to buy your won pc. If a cyber cafe charges you 30 shillings an hour and you make 500 in two hrs then you assume you are in business and you just got a profit of 440 shillings with a capital of 60 shillings. That`s a big profit margin for just one order! Do five orders and tell me why you cant own an I series laptop in few months.

If you have a computer that can detect WIFI and a Smartphone, tether your phone internet to the computer instead of buying modem. If you have a modem, it`s okay to use it but personally, I prefer tethering my phone to my pc and use the Smartphone as a modem instead.

In most phones generally follow these steps to thether your phone

1. on your phone, go to Settings.

2. network settings

3. tethering and hotspot and select either USB tethering or WIFI hotspot.

If your computer can`t detect WIFI connect USB cable and select USB tethering. If it can detect WIFI, select WIFI hotspot and you are good to go.

In case you have issues in this you can always contact me and see how we can trouble shoot together.

How much can you earn through online writing?

Lets solve the controversy.

Do not be blinded and limited by figures that people tell you about how much you can earn doing online writing. If you take online writing as a job with a motive of just making ends meet, you are limiting yourself. However if you look it from a business point of view then the possibilities are limitless. Lets do a simple arithmetic. In academic writing, the minimum amount you can earn from a single page is 300 shillings. Some can go as high as 600 shilling per page. A page is about 270 words, almost a paragraph or two. In article writing, the minimum can go as low as 250 per 500 words or even upto 1000 shillings.

If you do your math well you will find that your earning is limitless. Personally, I can do ten pages in two or three hours. Most beginners start with five pages in a day which makes you a minimum of 1500 or 3000 or more a day and with practice and experience you can develop to scalable heights. If you can`t achieve that much, hire someone who can and think of it in business perspective. You can take a job from a client or writing account that pays say 500 shillings, pay the hired writer the 300 minimum and remain with the 200 as profit. You didn`t do the heavy lifting in writing the paper, you get the 200 shillings for 275 words by actually delegating the work and making sure it`s okay. Either way if you want to actually live a life or financial freedom through online writing, you can and nothing can limit you, not even the sky. 

I have a pool of writers who make me good cash every day. Mark you this is just academic and article writing, you haven`t even started counting blogging. We will talk about blogging as we proceed. There are a many avenues you can earn from this industry. You have the choice to do what you feel is okay with you.

In Kenya the government haven`t recognized online writing and gazetted it as a taxable business. So this is tax-free income, you don`t need even a physical office or business license to run it. The profit you get from online writing is yours and yours alone.

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