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Regional Maps

Get upto date regional mapping solutions that include but not limited several wards, counties, zip c.....

Tourist Maps

We provide a variety of tourist maps in terms of content, subject matter and publication t.....

Street Maps

A street map is a map of a town or city, showing the positions and names of all the streets. .....

Location-based services (LBS)

Our Location-based services (LBS) use real-time geo-data from a GPS technology to provide informatio.....

A brief about Geomaps Africa

Geomaps Africa, founded in Kenya, is a 100 per cent indigenous African consultancy. We are a progressive and well established consultancy, providing professional and comprehensive service in all Geomatics and Geo-Information solutions, being one of the largest such consultancy in East and Central Africa. Established in February 1983, GEOMAPS has its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. Over the years GEOMAPS has grown to a multinational consultancy and currently has permanently established branch offices in Tanzania, Uganda, Senegal, and a project office in Rwanda. Geomaps is also associated with seven other related firms around the world in Canada, USA, France, and Sweden.

GEOMAPS provides its clients with integrated solutions - from airborne multi sensor data collection, to Topographical mapping and GIS solution development through to unique customer delivery methodologies. To this end GEOMAPS has invested heavily in appropriate information technology for efficient delivery of services to its clients. We utilise state of the art airborne, field and office equipment thus ensuring that surveys of any kind can be completed on time and within budget. Our field equipment allows us to operate in one and two man modes for greater efficiency in collecting data. In addition, we utilize the newest survey software to help insure accurate and efficient data collection. Further, GEOMAPS has invested in modern hardware, software and ancillary equipment to produce land plans, digital maps, GIS resources, and other geo-information outputs accurately and cost effectively.

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Our Purpose Geomaps Africa is a fully owned Company that is committed to offering the best Geomatic`s services and building the most comprehensive geospatial datasets for Africa a
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